Our philosophy

Health is beauty and beauty is health. We at FemiClinic believe that for women they are inseparably connected and require constant attention and care. This is the work we are dedicated to.

FemiClinic unites a team of highly qualified experts in medicine, dietology, psychology, and aesthetics. For you. Each one of them works with the most modern equipment to be able to provide you with complete solutions according to your needs.

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We’re proud of our carefully selected team of proven experts in each area of feminine health. Our specialists believe that women’s health is manifested in their appearance, confidence and balanced way of life. Each of them is dedicated to our mission to help every woman achieve health and harmony and become her best and strongest version.



Our experts work as a cohesive team so you may be given a full consultation and the most accurate road to a solution for your issue. Each of our patients receives not just a check-up or procedure but in depth analysis of their problem and the most appropriate, long-term solutions.

Our experts work as a cohesive team so we can make receiving the comprehensive consultation an easy and convenient process. With us, you get not only an examination or a procedure but a thorough examination of your condition. We are committed to providing answers and solutions for every aspect of your health and natural beauty.



In FemiClinic you will find nine treatment rooms equipped with the latest technological achievements in diagnostics, treatment and aesthetic procedures. Thanks to this, our team can lead every woman through the important stages on her pursuit of health and beauty.

We believe that technology is the most important contemporary partner to the good expert and it can make their specialized work even more effective and meaningful.

FemiClinic counts on the best specialists in every field of medicine. We are proud of our Israeli partners, TLV Medical, who bring their expertise in plastic surgery, obstetrics, gynecology and Mohs surgery for skin cancer treatment.

The clinic offers highest class aesthetic care thanks to the equipment and know-how of iClinic—experienced experts in the field of dermatology and laser procedures.

Our partnership with CibaLab provides timely and convenient access to the latest generation lab work and tests. Exclusively at FemiClinic, CibaLab offers tailor made test packages dedicated to feminine healthcare for the sake of the complete and thorough diagnosis of our patients.


Here, we will be sharing insightful articles written by specialists in the field of health and beauty to empower and educate women on how to prioritize their well-being. From skincare to mental health, we aim to cover a wide range of topics. We hope that will help you feel your best inside and out.


Thorough care for each need of every woman. 

The clinic is at a convenient and communicative location on Boulevard G. M. Dimitrov, 65 А, 1-st floor.

Working hours:
09:00 – 20:00
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