Ekaterina Bashour

nutritionist and healthy eating coach

Ekaterina Bashour is a nutritionist and a coach in proper nutrition. She practices in the town of. She is a nutritionist in Sofia. She effectively implements coaching programs for changing the way of eating, which help for overall healing and for overcoming more specific health disorders such as obesity, hormonal disorders, sleep disorders, lack of energy, etc. She conducts individual and group consultations as well as seminars on various topics related to nutrition for hormonal balance, permanent weight loss, anti-aging nutrition, detox programs, etc.

In 2017, she graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, USA.

2017 – Specialization in Hormonal Health.

Ekaterina Bashour has worked for years as a nutritionist and proper nutrition coach in Spain, Russia and Bulgaria. Currently Ekaterina Bashur is a part of the team of specialists at the Maichin Dom and FemiClinic in Sofia. She speaks Russian, English and Spanish.